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I’ve always thought that working the sidelines was comparable to playing in the trenches. Offensive and defensive linemen are in a constant battle for control and are the first line of defense when responding to the opposition’s disruption of their squad's game plan. And yet their job is fierce and fast and far less Glamorous or highly acclaimed than any other skill player on the field.

As a reporter your job is to put your hand in the dirt and uncover the information that could go unnoticed during the course of a game, to ultimately bring to life and illustrate the motif and story lines that weave both opponents coaches and players into an intricate 60 minute mêlée.  And upon receiving that information the sideline reporter must deliver the message as quick and succinctly as the best defensive end in the nation gets off the ball. But the only difference between my trench and Jadeveon Clowney’s is that mine is expected to be Glamorous.

SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days

Every college football fan knows that the start of the season is not the day toe hits leather on their beloved campus. The season starts at conference media days. And in the south, SEC media days has taken on a celebrity all of its own. A four day extravaganza that takes the nations most powerful football coaches and parades them through over 1200 media members. And after taking a two year hiatus from SEC media days I found myself back in the eye of a storm that converges yearly on Birmingham, Alabama.

My job was simple, 20-minute interviews with 8 conference coaches previewing the upcoming season. And I also had the pleasure of meeting numerous individuals from print, radio, and local television to talk about the conference and the launch of SEC Network. It definitely felt good to be home!

The team preview shows will air on SEC Network in August!